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Top 6 Cutest Cat Breeds You Will Love

If you are looking to add a feline friend to your family you may be having a hard time deciding which breed would be best. Today, our Long Beach vets at Spring Animal Hospital talk about 6 of the cutest cat breeds that you will love and might work well with your home. 

1. The Munchkin Cat Breed 

Munchkins, although they may be one of the smaller cat breeds, are an extremely active breed of cats and are kept as feline companions all around the world. Our Long Beach vets at Spring Animal Hospital recommend this breed to those who want the best of both the playful, adventurous world as well as the world of relaxation.

2. The Maine Coon Cat Breed

The Maine Coon breed of cats is able to boast about being the largest cat breed in the world, capable of weighing 20 pounds or more. They're also happy cats who will adjust to life with your family, and the vets at Spring House Animal Hospital want you to expect this breed to follow you around like a shadow, just as you would expect of any dog.

3. The Ragamuffin Cat Breed

The Ragamuffin is a docile cat who is well-known for slumping into the arms of its owner in search of love and attention. The breed will adore you, your children, other animals, and, in most cases, strangers. The robust breed is bright, and his ability to fetch and understand other orders has won him the moniker "Puppy of the Cat World."

4. The Bengal Cat Breed

The Bengal is another wild-looking cat breed that should be thought of as lively and playful. However, the breed is loving with its owners and is regarded as a pleasant companion because of its love and propensity to play. Our vets at Spring Animal Hospital only suggest getting this cute cat breed if you can keep up with its level of energy and play.

5. The Russian Blue Cat Breed

The Russian Blue is a stocky, athletic cat with a silky coat and a kind demeanor. Russian blues, as the name implies, have blue coats and are native to Russia. Our team of vets in Long Beach notes that this breed is known for being sweet and calm, yet it also enjoys playing. The Russian Blue, in particular, prefers being up high, so expect stealthy assaults from atop a cabinet or other high perch.

6. The Siberian Cat Breed

The Siberian is a long-haired cat bred to withstand the severe winter environment of Siberia. While the breed likes playing and will typically participate in any activity, it also prefers resting on your lap or curling up for a nap. Our team at Spring Animal Hospital also knows that this breed of cat can be quite demanding and won't leave you alone until they get their way!

Have you been considering bringing a cat into your family but are not sure what breed will be best? Contact our Long Beach vets today to discuss your lifestyle and needs and get some advice.

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